SolidRun Software Releases for ClearFog

How to use:


Use win32-diskimager to write the downloaded file to your sdcard.
If it is compressed, e.g. it ends in .xz, .gz, .zip, ...; you need to uncompress it first!


Just use dd to write the images to your disk:
sudo dd if=image.raw of=/dev/YOURSDCARD bs=4M; sync
If the image is compressed, you need to uncompress it first!

Shortcuts for Linux:

XZ-compressed image: xzcat image.raw.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/YOURSDCARD bs=4M; sync
GZ-compressed image: gzip -cd image.raw.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/YOURSDCARD bs=4M; sync

Index of /A38X/

File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/--
Debian/-2018-Sep-26 15:24
FreeBSD/-2018-Sep-26 15:33
U-Boot/-2018-Sep-26 15:20
sr-a38x-cf-lede-20161114.img.gz 24M2018-Sep-26 13:46
sr-a38x-cf-lede-20161116.img.gz 40M2018-Sep-26 13:47
sr-a38x-cf-lede-20161117.img.gz 43M2018-Sep-26 13:47
sr-a38x-cf-lede-20161216.conf 154K2018-Sep-26 13:47
sr-a38x-cf-openwrt-20151021.img.xz 15M2018-Sep-26 13:47
sr-a38x-cf-openwrt-20151206.img.xz 13M2018-Sep-26 13:47
sr-a38x-cf-yocto-20151027-testing.tar.xz 142M2018-Sep-26 13:48
sr-a38x-cf-yocto-20151215-testing.img.xz 19M2018-Sep-26 13:47
sr-a38x-cf-yocto-20151215-testing.tar.bz2 26M2018-Sep-26 13:47
sr-a38x-debian-stretch-20171001.img.xz 138M2018-Sep-26 13:49
sr-a38x-debian-stretch-20171001.tar.xz 138M2018-Sep-26 13:49
sr-a38x-debian-stretch-20180406.img.xz 140M2018-Sep-26 13:50
sr-a38x-debian-stretch-20180406.tar.xz 140M2018-Sep-26 13:50